Americans deserve the right to be forgotten

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Right to be forgotten

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A career or a business can be ruined in an instant, not just by a hurricane or a flood but by an internet search based on old and even inaccurate information.

Right to be Forgotten is aimed at helping consumers regain their true online reputation.

Consumers in America should have the Right to be Forgotten: the right to remove old and inaccurate information from search results. The same rights enjoyed by tens of millions in Europe.

If you agree, join our campaign by signing your name to our petition to show lawmakers they need to act now and start legislation to ensure this right.

By signing my name to this petition, I am in favor of Congress and the Senate creating legislation that gives the American public the right to request removal of inaccurate or inappropriate information about them, their children or their business from online search results and provides a clear pathway for removing or updating this information.

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U.S. Newsrooms Implementing Right to be Forgotten

When Google Gets It Wrong

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about why Americans deserve the right to control what appears in their search results.

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