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Americans deserve a ‘right to be forgotten’

"Who owns the rights to the virtual you? Raise your hand if you think you do." Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) asked that question at a recent privacy hearing on Capitol Hill. Naturally, everyone raised their hands — but they were all wrong.  The...

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What is Online Reputation and How Can You Control It?

Online reputation is how a company, person, product or service is perceived due to information found online. Internet searches are widely used by landlords, employers and even government departments to screen applicants for loans, jobs, private school, grants and...

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How the Right to be Forgotten Complements Free Speech

Since the first establishment of colonies in the New World, the promise of a fresh start in this country has motivated people to take great risks and face powerful uncertainties as they fled poverty, religious persecution and political repression. This country, now...

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